Hesketh Lock (The Uninvited)

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Hesketh Lock
Portrayed by
Appears in The Uninvited
Year 2012

Kaitlin used to call me, affectionately, an 'incurable materialist'. Later, this changed to 'a robot made of meat'. This is unfair. I'm not a machine. I feel things. I just register them differently.
— Hesketh[1]

Hesketh Lock is the main character in the science-fiction thriller The Uninvited by Liz Jensen.


When I say to someone that I love them, however, I mean it. For someone aged thirty-six I have not said it very often. Three times in two years, to the same woman. And when I stop loving them, I say: 'Kaitlin, I don't love you any more and I can never love you again.'
— Hesketh[2]
Hesketh Lock is a 36-year-old man working as a cross-culture specialist for Phipps & Wexman, a company that that helps corporations deal with sabotage. He has a PhD in the anthropology of belief systems.[3] He lives on Scottisch Isle of Arran, but travels all over the world for his job. He used to be in a relationship with Kaitlin, but they separated after she had an affair with Stephanie, a fellow Phipps & Wexman colleague. He is very close with Freddy, Kaitlin's 7-year-old son, having acted as a father figure to the boy before the separation.

Among multiple of his assignments, a disturbing pattern begins to emerge: people who committed corporate sabotage make reference to entities from local mythology possessing them. At the same time around the world, young children are violently attacking people—including his stepson Freddy. This allows Hesketh to study the phenomenon from close by. As instances of both corporate sabotage and violent attacks from children increase and take on apocalyptic proportions, Hesketh notices the similarities between the two, and tries to understand why all of this is happening.


Hesketh describes himself as a "tall, dark, well-built man with strongly delineated features".[1] He is 1m98 tall (6 ft. 6 in.).[3]


I do not know how to behave or what I feel. Perhaps I don't feel anything. But I do feel something, of course. The usual suspects: confusion and overload.
— Hesketh[4]
Hesketh refers to himself with the terms "on the spectrum" and "Asperger's syndrome".[1] He has a special interest in origami. One of his main coping mechanisms is mentally folding origami—most often crane birds. He also rocks to self-soothe[3] (both of these coping mechanisms are mentioned throughout the novel, with rocking being mentioned over 20 times).

He has a keen eye for spotting patterns in human behaviour, which is vital to his job. He often uses Venn diagrams and flow charts to help him with this.


  • Hesketh also has restless leg syndrome.
  • The name "Hesketh" is of Norse decent, meaning "horse-racetrack".[3]


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