Jack Schneider (What's the Rule?)

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Sam, I'm autistic. It's routine or die.
— Jack to Sam when the latter suggests ditching their morning routine[1]
Jack Schneider
Portrayed by Kayleigh Jayne
Appears in What's the Rule?
Debut chapter 1
Year 2022

Jaclyn "Jack" Schneider is a main character in the independent web series What's the Rule?

Character creation

Director Justin Janoson has ADHD and has an autistic twin sister; this relationship inspired that of character Jack Schneider (who is autistic) and her twin sister Sam (who has ADHD).[2] Actress Kayleigh Jane is autistic as well.[3]


Jack and her twin sister Sam, who has ADHD, have their first day at a new school after their mom died. It is Jack's first time at a regular school, having always been in special education before. They meet Ashley, a condescending neurotypical who leads the school's autism alliance to find a cure for autism.[1]


Jack is introduced as autistic within the first minutes of episode 1.

During a fight, Ashley compares Jack to The Good Doctor.


  • Jack (and her sister Sam) are adopted, and Jewish.[1]


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