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Bas Hoeflaak as Jan in April, May and June.
Portrayed by Bas Hoeflaak
Appears in April, May & June
Year 2019

Jan is a character in the Dutch comedy-drama movie April, May & June.

Character creation

Linda de Mol already had an idea for a movie about sisters. When she watched the documentary Het beste voor Kees about the autistic Kees Momma, she added the character of Jan.[1] Kees Momma is an adult autistic who lived in a chalet in his parents' backyard at the time the documentary was made. The central issue in the documentary is what will happen with him and his care needs when his aging parents die. Actor Bas Hoeflaak also watched Het beste voor Kees.[2]

Indeed, Jan's body language and mannerisms are very similar to those of the real-life Momma, and the problem of what happens with disabled adults when their parents die is central to the movie's plot.


Jan is stated to be autistic by the creators of the movie.[2]


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