Jerry Espenson

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Jerry Espenson
AliasesHands Espenson
Portrayed byChristian Clemenson[1]
Appears inBoston Legal
Debutseason 2, episode 10: "Legal Deficits" (2005)

Gerald "Jerry" Espenson is a main character in the American legal comedy-drama series Boston Legal.

Character creation[edit]

The series is a spin-off of The Practice, but Jerry Espenson's character is original to Boston Legal


Jerry is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome during the series.[2] After being denied partnership for the third time, he holds his boss Shirley at knifepoint. He is arrested and though it seems he'll have to go to prison, his lawyer and colleague can get Shirley to drop the case after psychiatrists have stated that Jerry has Asperger's - but only because he'll go to therapy to learn and control his outbursts.

He is nicknamed "Hands Espenson" behind his back by colleagues at the law firm, because he often keeps his hands pressed to his thighs, giving him a stiff posture and gait.

Episode list[edit]

Jerry is a recurring character in seasons 2 and 3. He becomes a member of the main cast and appears in the opening sequence in seasons 4 and 5.

season 2 season 3 season 4 season 5

episode 10: "Legal Deficits"
episode 11: "The Cancer Man Can"
episode 12: "Helping Hands"
episode 22: "Ivan the Incorrigible"
episode 24: "Deep End of the Poole"

episode 1: "Can't We All Get Lung?"
episode 5: "Whose God Is It Anyway?"
episode 7: "Trick or Treat"
episode 8: "Lincoln"
episode 9: "On the Ledge"
episode 10: "The Nutcrackers"
episode 16: "The Good Lawyer"
episode 20: "Guise 'N Dolls"
episode 21: "Tea and Sympathy"
episode 22: "Guantanamo by the Bay"
episode 23: "Duck and Cover"
episode 24: "Trial of the Century"

episode 1: "Beauty and the Beast"
episode 2: "The Innocent Man"
episode 3: "The Chicken and the Leg"
episode 4: "Do Tell"
episode 5: "Hope and Gory"
episode 6: "The Object of My Affection"
episode 7: "Attack of the Xenophobes"
episode 10: "Green Christmas"
episode 11: "Mad About You"
episode 12: "Roe vs Wade: The Musical"
episode 13: "Glow in the Dark"
episode 15: "Tabloid Nation"
episode 16: "The Mighty Rogues"
episode 17: "The Court Supreme"
episode 19: "The Gods Must Be Crazy"
episode 20: "Patriot Acts"

episode 1: "Smoke Signals"
episode 2: "Guardians and Gatekeepers"
episode 3: "Dances with Wolves"
episode 5: "The Bad Seed"
episode 6: "Happy Trails"
episode 7: "Mad Cows"
episode 8: "Roe"
episode 10: "Thanksgiving"
episode 11: "Juiced"
episode 12: "Made in China"
episode 13: "Last Call"


  • Jerry has a gecko named Linda.[3]


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