Jikku (1000 - A Story Told by One Note)

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Bharath as Jikku: a man with medium skin tone, dark brown hair, and a beard. He is holding a large white teddy bear with a bonnet, and has a pressed look on his face.
Portrayed by Bharath
Appears in 1000 - ഒരു നോട്ട് പറഞ്ഞ കഥ
Year 2015

Jikku is a supporting character in the Indian Malayalam thriller film 1000 - ഒരു നോട്ട് പറഞ്ഞ കഥ (1000 – Oru Note Paranja Katha, tl. 1000 - A Story Told by One Note).


After Jikku accidentally lets go of a 100 rupee note, the note gets blown by the wind past a variety of people. The note tells their different stories.


Jikku is stated to have autism in the movie.


With 1.5/5 stars, The Times of India gave the movie an unfavorable review. Bharath's performance of Jikku was described as poor.[1]



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