Johnny Do

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Johnny Do
AliasesDehman Doosha
Demon Within
Appears inPsi-Force
Debutissue 23

Johnny Do is a character in the American comic book series Psi-Force.


Johnny Do (alias, real name is not known) was born in 1976, exact date unknown, in Kiev (then part of the Soviet Union). for some time, he resided in the Kiev Home for the Mentally Handicapped. His family is unknown. Johnny has pyrokinetic powers, which were first discovered on 22 July 1986. Because of this, combined with the fact that he seemingly has little control over his powers, he is kept in an asbestos cell in a fireproof straightjacket and sensory deprivation mask.[1]

Autism-related info[edit]

Johnny is describes as "a victim of severe autism" [2]

He does not speak.


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