Josh Sauchak

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Josh Sauchak
Josh sauchak.png
AliasesHawt Sauce
Portrayed byJonathan Dubsky
Appears inWatch Dogs 2
Human Conditions DLC

Josh Sauchak is a non-playable main character in the open-world action game Watch Dogs 2.

Character creation[edit]

The character started out as a hacker and YouTube personality named Simon who does Internet challenges, but was later changed to the autistic Josh that appears in the finished game.[1] Actor Jonathan Dubsky researched his role by reading books and articles about Asperger's syndrome (among which the memoir "Look me in the Eyes" by John Elder Robison) and speaking with friends who have family with Asperger's.[2][3] One of the scriptwriters also has a son with Asperger's.[2] .


Josh "Hawt Sauce" Sauchak is a 21-year-old man living in San Francisco. Growing up, his family encouraged his engineering skills while also keeping him grounded and teaching him the necessity of maintaining relationships.[4] Before being recruited into Dedsec, he was already active as an anti-ctOS activist. He one of the most skilled hackers of the group.


Like many characters in the game, Josh always wears the same clothing, which for him is a white shirt, green hoodie, dark gray beanie and yellow key on a necklace.


In the audio file Horatio's report - 03, Horatio describes Josh as "high-functioning autistic".[5] Josh refers to himself with language such Aspie,[6] non-neurotypical [7] and Asperger's.[7]

Josh often is the voice of reason within the group, bluntly stating things as they are.

He often struggles to understand slang until it is explained, such as when he expresses confusion over the term "cornhole" but then humorously starts using it as well.

Horatio describes Josh as having "a black and white way of seeing things, fair and unfair" in Horatio's report - 03. His profile on the game's website lists the traits quiet, brilliant and awkward.[4]


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