Josie Weller (ER)

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Josie Weller
Portrayed by Allison Scagliotti[1]
Appears in ER
Debut season 13, episode 6: "Heart of the Matter"
Year 2006

Josie Weller is a one-time character in the medical drama series ER


Josie is a 15-year-old, coming to the emergency room after breaking her ankle during gym class. She is rather sexually forward and flirts with some of the doctors. Doctor Tony Gates suggests she be put on hormonal birth control and receives condom education (in case something ever happens), to which her parents reluctantly agree.


She is stated to have Asperger's syndrome during the episode. Josie goes to Mountain View, a school for special education, where she studies French and maths. She knows a lot about the local public transport system and often shares tidbits about which lines connect which locations.

Episode list


  • season 13, episode 6: "Heart of the Matter"


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