Judy Wagrowski (In Plain Sight)

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Judy Wagrowski
Portrayed by Karina Logue[1]
Appears in In Plain Sight
Debut season 3, episode 10: "Her Days Are Numbered"
Year 2010

Judy Wagrowski is a one-time character in the American drama series In Plain Sight.


Judy works as an accountant for an illegal numbers racket ring. She has a penchant for numbers and is able to keep the books without a computer or even writing anything down. This means that when the ring gets busted by the FBI, she is the key witness for the case and is put into witness protection. However, because of her difficulty with lying, she's unable to keep her cover story and has to be relocated and given a new identity three times. She also has difficulties with cutting ties with Larry, the boss of the ring and the only person she considers to be her friend. Officer Mary Shannon can convince her to give her testimony by appealing to her sense of fairness and honesty.


Judy is stated to have Asperger's within the episode. She has great difficulty with lying, jokes and non-literal language. She is very set on honesty and will give her unsalted thoughts, whether prompted or not.

Episode list

In Plain Sight

  • season 3, episode 10: "Her Days Are Numbered"


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