June Chen (The Ghost and Molly McGee)

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I’m autistic, and I guess not everyone can handle my unfiltered truth.
β€” June
June Chen
Portrayed by Sue Ann Pien
Appears in The Ghost and Molly McGee
Debut season 2, episode 1: "The New (Para)normal"
Year 2023

Juniper "June" Chen is a supporting character in the animated supernatural comedy series The Ghost and Molly McGee.

Character creation

Voice actress Sue Ann Pien is autistic.[1] She had previously also played Violet Wu on the sitcom series As We See It. Ava Xiao-Lin Rigelhaupt, an autistic consultant from RespectAbility, worked with the show's creators to develop June's character.[2]


June says she is autistic upon her introduction in episode 1 of season 2.


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