Justine (The Accountant)

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Portrayed by Alison Wright (adult)
Izzy Fenech (child)
Appears in The Accountant
Year 2016

Justine is a character in the American action film The Accountant


Chris and Justine as children

Justine is daughter to a neuroscientist, who goes on to found the Harbor Neuroscience Institute. During her childhood, she meets Christian Wolff when he visits the institute with his parents. During the visit, Justine seems to be going into a meltdown over having to put on shoes, while Chris starts melting down because he can't find the last piece of the puzzle he's making. Justine manages to calm him down by finding the last piece and giving it to him.

It is unknown whether Justine and Chris keep in contact after this initial visit - Chris often moves house while Justine permanently resides at the Institute - however, she does keep a picture of them in her room as an adult, which possibly suggest that this was the case.

Somewhere along the line, after Chris has escaped from prison, he enlists Justine as his partner in crime in mafia accounting. She handles the logistic side of business; managing his alternate identities, his businesses, finding buyers for paintings, helping him move, surveillance, etc. She shows great care for Chris and wants to keep him safe, getting miffed at him putting himself in danger to help Dana Cummings. She also acts as a liaison between Chris and Treasury agent Raymond King. All her communication to Chris and Raymond goes via phone and is only portrayed via voice-over in the film. Justine is initially not identified as The Voice, this fact only gets revealed to the viewer at the very end of the film.


It is not explicitly states that she is autistic, but is clearly shown to have a developmental disability which is implied to be autism. Justine does not speak and instead types her responses, which is converted to speech via computer. She also seems to make non-verbal vocalisations to communicate when away from the computer. Her father mentions that she stopped speaking 30 years ago. Her father also mentions that she is the reason he founded the Harbor Neuroscience Institute, of which she is one of the few permanent residents.

Justine displays a variety of stimming, both as a child and as an adult, including rocking, bouncing, hand flapping and slapping objects.


  • Justine's computer is said to be "a BX32, water-cooled, 12 core." The case however, is a Corsair Series Air 540.
  • Very briefly, a daily schedule is partly visible on screen. One of the points on the agenda is "call C.W." - which probably refers to Christian Wolff.
  • The puzzle of Muhammad Ali that Chris solved face-side down at the beginning of the film hangs framed in Justine's room at the institute.

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