Katy Evans (Acceptable Damage)

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Katy Evans
Portrayed by Elinor Machen-Fortune [1]
Appears in Acceptable Damage
Year 2019

Katherine "Katy" Evans is a main character in the British drama film Acceptable Damage.

Character creation

Katy is played by autistic actress Elinor Machen-Fortune, who also helped with shaping the character during pre-production.[2]


Katy lives in a quiet suburb of London with her mother Lucy. They get targeted by a local youth gang who continuously vandalise their house and bully Katy. Their leader Rabbit is motivated by the abuse he experiences from his father at home. Though Lucy tries to engage local police and the MP, they don't really help. Katy is also in a relationship with Roxy, who unbeknownst to her, is also affiliated with the gang. After a series of escalating attacks against Katy's home, the gang breaks into their house, and Katy gets arrested for assault after punching one of the gang members. She gets questioned harshly by the police and grows increasingly agitated over the course of the interview, but is released quickly. She forces Roxy to choose between her and the gang. In a final confrontation with the gang, Lucy goes up to Rabbit and tells him she forgives him, after which another member immediately stabs her.


Katy is an adolescent. Her hair is dyed bright red.


Katy is described as Aspergic[3][4] and Autistic[5] in various official synopses. She is also described as having Asperger's by a police officer within the movie.

The bullying and targeting by the gang mostly revolves around her being autistic and includes many insults towards her idiosyncratic body language (such as "twitchy bitch")


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