Kim Sum (Somebody)

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Kim Sum
Portrayed by Kang Hae-lim
Appears in Somebody
Debut episode 1
Year 2022

Kim Sum is a main character in the psychological thriller series Somebody.

Character creation

Actress Kang Hae-lim referred to the character Mária in the Hungarian movie On Body and Soul in preparation for the role.[1]


Kim Sum is a software developer who has made the social app "Somebody." She accidentally connects with a serial killer who also uses the app to find his next victims.


Sum states that she has Asperger's syndrome at the end of episode 1.[2] It is mentioned multiple times thereafter as well.


  1. "For guidance with the part, she turned to the female character with Asperger's syndrome in the 2017 Hungarian movie "On Body and Soul,"
  2. Somebody episode 1, 38 minutes. "증후군이 있어요 아스퍼거라고 불리는" (English subtitles: I have a condition. Asperger's.")

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