Liam (Dinosquad)

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Appears in DinoSquad
Debut season 2, episode 1: "The World According to Liam"
Year 2008

Liam is a one-time character in the American animated series DinoSquad


Liam Attends the same high school as the main cast. He does not seem to be particularly well-liked by other students, since they leave when he comes sit at their table. Initially Max is put off by his odd behaviour, but he becomes more understanding once Ms. Moynihan explains Asperger's syndrome. Liam uses his knowledge about a variety of biological topics to help the DinoSquad in defeating a hive of giant mutated bees.


Liam is a teenager with short brown hair. He wears an orange T-shirt, cargo pants and sneakers.


Liam says that according to some doctors, he has Asperger's syndrome. He stims a lot with his hands; rubbing the back of his hand, tapping his finger or whole hand against his chest, and more complex hand movements. He is also briefly shown to be rocking in his seat.

Liam speaks rather quickly and with a flat voice. He readily shares facts about a variety of topics, from trains to biochemistry and entomology. He tends to look away from his conversational partner.

At one point, after Max has left him, he laments "Why can't I just be like everyone else?"

Episode list


  • season 2, episode 1 (14th episode overall): "The World According to Liam"


"The World According to Liam", full episode

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