Lily Gilworth (Hawk)

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Lily Gilworth
Emily Prager as Lily: an older teenage girl with ligh skin tone and long curly brown hair. She's wearing a nightgown. She looks intently at something outside of the frame.
Portrayed by Emily Prager
Appears in Hawk
Debut season 1, episode 16: "Wall of Silence"
Year 1966

Lily Gilworth is a one-time character in the American action police series Hawk.


16-year-old Lily lives with her mother. One evening, she is the only witness to a murder. Detective Hawk is convinced he can get through to her. He enlists Dr. Matilda Mulroy to help him get her testimony.


Lily is stated to be autistic in the episode. She is nonverbal, so she can't tell the police officers what she saw. She attends a specialized school.

Much of what is said about autism is period-appropriate; Dr. Mulroy describes how autistic children turn off the outside world and only let in impressions they know won't harm them. Hawk refers to the mother having "built a wall" around herself and her daughter.

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