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This page provides a list of media with autistic characters. Click on the character's name to go to their individual page.

See also: possibly autistic characters for a list of characters who are possibly autistic but don't have a wiki page yet, and rejected characters for characters have been rejected for inclusion on this wiki.


Year Title Character(s)
1963 Martian Time-Slip Manfred Steiner
1974 He Is Your Brother Orry Lewis
1990 Kristy and the Secret of Susan Susan Felder
1996 Simple Simon Simon Lynch
1996 The Regulators Seth Garin
1997 Een lege brug (An Empty Bridge) Paulien
1998 Children of God Isaac
1998 Musselstranden (The Mussel Beach) Maja Gattman
1999 A Challenge for Brittany Parker
2000 Covert-One series Marty Zellerbach
2001 Clay Tommy McGee
2002 Niets was alles wat hij zei (Nothing Was All He Said) Ben Vertriest
2002 The Light of the Moon Shepherd O'Conner
2003 Haze Seb Taylor
2004 The Coffin Trail Barrie Gilpin
2005 De Engelenmaker (The Angel Maker) Victor Hoppe
2005 A Way Through The Mountains Rachel Russell
2005 Stenhuggaren (The Stone Cutter) Morgan Wiberg
2006 Eye Contact Adam
2007 Postsingular series Chu
2007 Rules David
2008 Final Theory series Michael Gupta
2008 Gone series Peter Ellison
2008 Knowing Joseph Joseph
2009 Anything but Typical Jason Blake
2009 Le voyage d'hiver (The Winter Journey) Aliénor Malèze
2009 Edward series Edward Stenton
2009 Flaskepost fra P (A Conspiracy of Faith) Poul Holt
2009 The Second Opinion Thea Sperelakis
Dimitri Sperelakis
2009 WWW trilogy Malcolm Decter
2010 House Rules Jacob Hunt
2010 MockingBird Caitlin Smith
2010 The Half-Life of Planets Hank Rollins
2011 Olifanten in mijn kop (Elephants in My Head) Milo Kapitein
2011 Mistborn series Steris Harms
2011 The Key to Charlotte Charlotte Harris
2012 A Certain October Keone
2012 Autism, the Invisible Cord Ezra Lauler
2012 Colin Fischer Colin Fisher
2012 Death Benefit Tobias Rothman
2012 Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend Max
2012 The Shadowhunter Chronicles series Ty Blackthorn
2012 The Uninvited Hesketh Lock
2012 Triggers Ivan Tarasov
2013 By Any Other Name Katie Latham
2013 Mother, Mother Will Hurst
2013 Rogue Kiara Thornton-Delgado
2013 Rubbernecker Patrick Fort
2013 The Viral Nation series Clover Donovan
2014 Everything to Lose Brandon
2014 Rain Reign Rose Howard
2015 Best Boy Todd Aaron
2015 Boulevard van de vrijheid (Boulevard of Freedom) Gregoire Liebman
2015 Do You Think This Is Strange Freddy Wyland
Saskia Stiles
2015 Experimental Film Clark Burlingame
2015 Morgan & Grant series Morgan
2016 Harmony Tilly Hammond
2016 Op de rand van het niets (On the Edge of Gone) Denise Lichtveld
2016 The Eagle Tree March Wong
2016 Xandri Corelel series Xandri Corelel
2017 A Boy Called Bat series Bat
2017 An Unkindness of Ghosts Aster Grey
2017 Into the Drowning Deep Olivia Sanderson
2017 Jonathan Roper series Jonathan Roper
2017 Kids Like Us Martin Dubois
2017 Roosevelt series Emmet Washington
2017 Superstar Lester Musselbaum
2017 The Nowhere Girls Erin DeLillo
2017 The State of Grace Grace Armstrong
2017 The Way to Bea Will
2017 Watchdog Tara
2018 A Girl Like Her Ruth Kabbah
2018 Zondagskind (Sunday's Child) series Jasmijn Vink
2019 Love Over Gold Diane Fletcher
2019 Me and Sam-Sam Handle the Apocalypse Jesse Broadview
2020 A Kind of Spark Addie
2020 Heart of Stone Theophilus Essex
2020 Leap Cycle series Elle Bíbi-Imbelé Ifíè
2020 Please Don't Hug Me Erin
2020 Rivenworld series Aram Raythe
2020 We Could Be Heroes Hank Hudson
2021 Act Your Age, Eve Brown Eve Brown
Jacob Wayne
2021 May the Best Man Win Lukas Rivers
2021 Real Charity Wood
2021 Social Queue Zoe Kelly
2022 The Game Changer Elena Torres
2022 The Heartbreak Handshake Paxton McKee
2022 Two Wrongs Make a Right Bea Wilmot
2023 All the Little Bird-Hearts Sunday Forrester
2023 Unseelie Seelie

Picture books

Year Title Character(s)
1998 Ian's Walk Ian
2007 It's Time Tommy
2009 Ryan's Victory Ryan
2014 The Odd Duckling The odd duckling
2015 A Manual for Marco Marco
2015 All My Stripes Zane
2015 Why Johnny Doesn't Flap: NT is OK Unnamed narrator
2017 Benny Doesn't Like to Be Hugged Benny
2019 A Friend for Henry Henry
2020 Cameron Goes to School Cameron
2020 Come Meet Drayden Drayden
2022 Het kaartje van Guus (Guus' Card) Guus


Year Title Character(s) Comic type
1986 Psi-Force Johnny Do American comics
1993 Avengers Tupac Amaru American comics
1994 カリスマ (Charisma) Murphy manga
1997 Generation X Claudette St. Croix American comics
1998 Uncanny X-Men Daniel Dash American comics
2000 光とともに (With the Light) Hikaru Azuma manga
2001 Daredevil Timothy Lange American comics
2003 Aquaman Black Manta American comics
2005 Various Marvel comics Deems American comics
2005 NYX Lil' Bro American comics
2007 Special Forces Zone American comics
2008 Het geheim van de ruimtelift (The Secret of the Space Elevator) Linus graphic novel
2014 FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Rosa Reyes American comics
2015 Ben X Ben graphic novel
2015 Postal Mark Shiffron American comics
2015 Sharp Zero Daniel Becket webcomic
2016 Questionable Content Brun Khoury webcomic
2016 Jade Street Protection Services Emma American comics
2016 Sparklecare Hospital Barry Erry Ill webcomic
Uni Sock Cornelius
2017 Les petites victoires (Little Victories) Olivier
2017 Planet Ripple Minnow graphic novel
2018 Archie Comics Scarlet Saltee American comics
2018 さざんか (Sazanka) Tatsuki Nakagawa manga
2018 ムーちゃんと手をつないで (Holding hands with Muu-chan) Mu manga
2019 MiCoVerse Tegan Butter webcomic
2020 アスペル・カノジョ (That's My Atypical Girl) Saitou Megumi manga


Year Title Character(s)
1969 Change of Habit Amanda
1975 Jenny Can't Work Any Faster Jenny
1977 A Circle of Children Various characters
1977 Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo Kathleen
1980 Mater amatísima (Beloved Mother) Juan
1986 The Boy Who Could Fly Eric Gibb
1988 Rain Man Raymond Babbitt
1990 Backstreet Dreams Shane Costello
1994 Cries from the Heart Michael Barth
1994 David's Mother David Goodson
1994 Relative Fear Adam Pratman
1994 Silent Fall Tim Warden
1994 The Innocent Gregory White
1995 The Silence of Adultery Steven Harvott
1995 Under the Piano Rosetta Basilio
1997 Journey of the Heart Tony Johnston
1997 Mimic Chuy
1998 Lost Souls Meghan Robinson
1998 Mercury Rising Simon Lynch
1999 Bullet Bullet
1999 Molly Molly McKay
2000 Her i nærheden (A Place Nearby) Brian
2002 Beck—Pojken i glaskulan (Beck: The Boy in the Glass Ball) Jack Svensson
2002 抱きしめたい (I Wanna Hold Your Hand). Michio Sawada
2002 Les diables (The Devils) Chloé
2004 Miracle Run Steven Morgan
Philip Morgan
2004 Somersault Karl
2005 첼로 - 홍미주 일가 살인사건 (Cello) Yoon-jin Song
2005 말아톤 (Marathon) Cho-won
2006 After Thomas Kyle Graham
2006 De gek op de heuvel (The Fool on the Hill) Thomas Vercammen
2007 Mozart and the Whale Donald Morton
Isabelle Sorensen
2008 Dustbin Baby Poppy
2008 Snow Cake Linda Freeman
2008 ช็อคโกแลต (Chocolate) Zen
2008 The Black Balloon Charlie Mollison
2008 Yuvvraaj Gyanesh Kumar Yuvvraaj Singh
2009 Adam Adam Raki
2009 Dancing Trees Martha Rooney
2009 Mary and Max Max Horowitz
2009 Triangle Tommy
2010 Burning Bright Tom Taylor
2010 I rymden finns inga känslor (Simple Simon) Simon
2010 Quantum Apocalypse Terry Marshall
2010 Temple Grandin Temple Grandin
2011 A Mile in His Shoes Mickey Tussler
2011 Another Happy Place Ben Hellman
2011 The Girl with No Number Anna Mallory
2012 Barfi! Jhilmil Chatterjee
2012 Empty Rooms Jonah Usher
2012 Joyful Noise Walter Hill
2012 White Frog Nick Young
2013 Daglicht (Daylight) Ray Boelens
Aron Boelens
2013 Season of Miracles Rafer
2013 Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Ricky
2013 The Odd Way Home Duncan Richards
2013 The Story of Luke Luke
2014 Alien Abduction Riley Morris
2014 Cooties Doug Davis
2014 Too Hip for the Room Patrick
2014 X+Y (A Brilliant Young Mind) Nathan Ellis
2014 Yaan Nawas Iqbal
2015 1000 - ഒരു നോട്ട് പറഞ്ഞ കഥ (1000 - A Story Told by One Note) Jikku
2015 Fack ju Göhte 2 (Suck Me Shakespeer 2) Etienne
2015 Influence Francis
2015 Meadowland Adam
2016 The Accountant Christian Wolff
2016 스플릿 (Split) Park Young-hoon
2016 Cruel Summer Danny Evans
2016 Madre (Mother) Martín
2016 My Guardian Angel Hannah Hunt
2016 El faro de las orcas (The Lighthouse of the Orcas) Tristán
2016 Texas Heart Tiger Mitchell
2016 The Darkness Michael Taylor
2016 Unsere Zeit ist jetzt (Our Time is Now) Vanessa
2017 A Boy Called Po Po Wilson
2017 Dream House Nightmare (also known as Mother of the Year) Destiny Dupre
2017 House by the Lake Emma
2017 Power Rangers Billy Cranston
2017 The Rider Lilly Blackburn
2017 NightLights Jacob Logan
2017 Please Stand By Wendy Welcott
2017 The Drummer and the Keeper Christopher
2018 For Izzy Laura Yip
2018 그것만이 내 세상 (Keys to the Heart) Oh Jin-tae
2018 Killungard Anniken
2018 Nathan's Kingdom Nathan
2018 The Predator Rory McKenna
2019 Acceptable Damage Katy Evans
2019 April, May & June Jan
2019 Athiran Nithya
2019 ¿Conoces a Tomás? (This Is Tomás) Tomás
2019 증인 (Innocent Witness) Ji-woo
2019 Iska Dongdong
2019 Jeune Juliette (Young Juliette) Arnaud
2019 Ouija Room (also known as Haunting Inside) Sylvia Grow
2019 Space Captain and Callista Buddy
2019 The Fanatic Moose
2019 The Last Right Louis Murphy
2020 Come Play Oliver
2020 Drive Me to the End Sunny Raei
2020 Drought Carl
2020 결백 (Innocence) Ahn Jung-soo
2020 Noise in the Middle Emmy
2020 Second Samuel Bernard Flat
2020 The Night Clerk Bart Bromley
2021 De uskyldige (The Innocents) Anna
2022 Cha Cha Real Smooth Lola
2022 I Used to be Famous Stevie
2022 Safe Room Ian Jackson
2022 When Time Got Louder Kayden Peterson
2023 Ezra Ezra
2023 Keys to the Heart Jayjay Hermano


Year Title Character(s)
1966 Hawk Lily Gilworth
1976 Charlie's Angels Skip
1983 St. Elsewhere Tommy Westphall
1993 Family Pictures Randall Eberlin
1993 All My Children Lily Montgomery
1994 The X-Files Roland Fuller
1995 Law and Order Kevin Jeffries
1996 Taggart Jamie Holmes
1997 The X-Files Harold Spuller
1998 7th Heaven Louis Dalton Jr.
1998 Baywatch Timmy Grayson
1998 Poltergeist: The Legacy Tommy Crane
1998 The X-Files Polly Turner
1998 Touched by an Angel Ferdie
2000 PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Tyler Markson
2000 君が教えてくれたこと (The Things You Taught Me) Mayuko Amemiya
2001 Third Watch Bart
2002 Crossing Jordan Brian Kirsh
2002 Rose Red Annie Wheaton
2002 Strange World Griffin Aynn
2002 The Shield Matthew Mackey
Megan Mackey
2003 Law and Order: Criminal Intent Wally Stevens
2004 ReGenesis Bob Melnikov
2005 Boston Legal Jerry Espenson
2005 Scrubs Nathan Laver
2005 The Closer Keith Thompson
2005 The Dead Zone Thaddeus Fallon
2005 Without a Trace Ian Norville
2006 Cold Case Brent Harris
2006 ER Josie Weller
2006 Eureka Kevin Blake
2006 Ghost Whisperer Christine Nelson
Dennis Hightower
2006 House Adam Kelvey
2007 The 4400 Brandon Powell
2007 Waterloo Road Karla Bentham
2008 Degrassi: The Next Generation Connor DeLaurier
2008 Grey's Anatomy Virginia Dixon
2008 DinoSquad Liam
2009 Bones Doug Seeger
2009 Community Abed Nadir
2009 Fair City Robert Daly
2009 찬란한 유산 (Shining Inheritance) Go Eun-woo
2009 Shortland Street Gabrielle Jacobs
2010 Arthur Carl Gould
Keith Powers
2010 In Plain Sight Judy Wagrowski
2010 Private Practice Zack Harris
2010 פלפלים צהובים (Yellow Peppers) Omri Ochayon
2011 Alphas Gary Bell
2011 Casualty Angela Simmons
2011 Murdoch Mysteries Lydia Howland
2011 Necessary Roughness Phil Kirkman
2011 Bron|Broen (The Bridge) Saga Norén
2011 Glee Sugar Motta
2011 Criminal Minds Sammy Sparks
2012 Clan (The Out-Laws) Birgit Goethals
2012 NCIS: Los Angeles Astrid
2012 Criminal Minds Braden Acklin
2012 Saving Hope Shahir Hamza
2013 Chasing Shadows Sean Stone
2013 굿 닥터 (Good Doctor) Park Si-on
2013 King & Maxwell Edgar Roy
2013 Rita Theis
2013 The Politician's Husband Noah Hoynes
2014 Major Crimes Annie O'Hara
2014 Marsman Rudy Marsman
2014 Strange Empire Rebecca Blithely
2014 Perception Andre Pritchett
2015 EastEnders Ollie Carter
2015 Holby City Seymour Orson
2015 Modus Stina Vik
2015 She-Ra and The Princesses of Power Entrapta
2016 Caillou Andy
2016 Casualty Sash Gilbert
2016 Chicago Med Isidore Latham
2016 Conviction Owen Price
2016 Dinosaur Train Dennis Deinocheirus
2016 Elementary Fiona Helbron
2016 Hawaii Five-0 Neil Palea
2016 Mack & Moxy Trooper Charlie
2016 Orphan Black Veera Suominen
2016 Scorpion Daniel Klein
2016 The A-Word Joe Hughes
2017 Atypical Sam Gardner
2017 Claws Dean Simms
2017 Code Black Zoe Lowell
2017 Sesame Street Julia
2017 La forêt (The Forest) Manoa Willem
2017 The Chosen Matthew
2017 The Good Doctor Shaun Murphy
Liam West
2018 Impulse Townes Linderman
2018 Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Cody Hill
2019 Astrid et Raphaëlle (Astrid and Raphaëlle) Astrid Nielsen
2019 Criminal: Spain Aurora
2019 De twaalf (The Twelve) Juliette Destoop
Carl Destoop
2019 Two Sentence Horror Stories Gracie Smythe
2019 Young Justice Amistad Ervin
2020 Daisy and Ollie Theo
2020 Fancy Nancy Sean
2020 Hero Elementary AJ Gadgets
2020 사이코지만 괜찮아 (It's Okay to Not Be Okay) Moon Sang-tae
2020 Little Voice Louie King
2020 Vencer el desamor (Overcoming Heartbreak) Tadeo Falcón
2020 谁是被害者 (The Victims' Game) Fang Yi-jen
2021 9-1-1 C.J. Madison
2021 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Max
2021 무브 투 헤븐 (Move to Heaven) Han Gue-ru
2021 Special Henry
2021 Station 19 Myles Anthony Trudeau
2021 Turner and Hooch Anthony
Curtis Mounir
2021 Undercover Han Seung-goo
2021 Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Ben
2021 Young Royals Sara Eriksson
2021 As We See It Harrison Dietrich
Jack Hoffman
Violet Wu
2022 Chicago Med Luke Givens
2022 이상한 변호사 우영우 (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) Woo Young-woo
2022 Heartbreak High Quinni
2022 New Amsterdam Alex
2022 Somebody Kim Sum
2022 The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder BeBe Proud
2022 Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go Bruno the brake car
2022 What's the Rule? Jack Schneider
2023 A Kind of Spark Addie
2023 Arcadia Luz Hendriks
2023 Not Dead Yet Edward
2023 The Ghost and Molly McGee June Chen
2023 リエゾン-こどものこころ診療所- (Liaison: Children's Heart Clinic) Sayama Taku
2024 Dinosaur Nina


Year Title Character(s)
2001 Twisted Metal Charlie Kane's son
2005 Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) Jade
2005 Pathologic Murky
2007 BioShock Brigid Tenenbaum
2007 Clive Barker's Jericho Simone Cole
2009 Borderlands Patricia Tannis
2010 Mass Effect 2 David Archer
2011 To The Moon River Wyles
2012 Amy Amy
2014 Magic: the Gathering Narset
2015 The Elder Scrolls Online Drake of Blades
2016 Overwatch Symmetra
2016 Watch Dogs Josh Sauchak
2017 Warframe Rell
2017 キミガシネ (Your Turn to Die) Gin Ibushi
2018 I Don't Have A Cue Shana
2019 Apex Legends Wattson
2019 Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Enigma
2020 Our Life: Beginnings & Always Cove Holden
2021 Billie Bust-Up Fantoccio

Short films

Year Title Character(s)
2005 111 Josh and Thomas
2009 Taste on Autism Lazlo Chen
2009 Valley of the Moon Leo
2009 You Want a Sandwich? Sammy
2010 Silent Things Jake
2011 My Ketchup Smiles Daisy
2012 Je m'appelle Nathan (My Name Is Nathan) Nathan
2012 Six Letter Word Jax
2013 Icarus in Love Ethan Johnson
2014 Lizard Girl Sam
2015 An Apprentice Andrew
2015 Circles Ollie
2015 Je suis juste là (I Am Right There) Sarah
2015 Napoleon in Exile Corey
2015 The Fastidious Fate of Things That Fly Dennis
2016 Au gré du vent (By the Wind) Marc-André
2016 Question 3 William
2017 #Gerda Gerda
2018 Jars Jimmy
2018 Reglur leiksins (Rules of the Game) Lúna
2018 The Long View Gannon Everett
2018 White Lies Rory
2020 Loop Renee
2020 Watching the World Go By Michael

Other Media

Year Title Character(s) Media type
1974 Stranger in Paradise Randall Nowan short story
1997 Spoonface Steinberg "Spoonface" Steinberg theater
2009 SCP Foundation SCP-134 collaborative fiction
2011 Movement Hannah short story
2011 The Onion News Network Michael Falk satirical news
2012 Frederik Frederik theater
2014 All in a Row Laurence theater
2015 Chains Adhvik dance
2020 Less is Morgue Riley Almanzor podcast
2020 What I (Don't) Know About Autism various characters theater
2021 American Girl Charlie Hudson audiobook
2021 Dare vs the Doll Dare Jackson short story
2023 Squeak, the autistic mouse Squeak cartoons