Louis Dalton Jr.

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Louis Dalton Jr.
Portrayed byNeill Barry[1]
Appears in7th Heaven
Debutseason 2, episode 12: "Rush to Judgement" (1998)

Louis Dalton Jr. is a one-time character in the American family drama series 7th Heaven.


Louis Dalton Jr. is the only child of Lou and Alice Dalton. He was put in an institution when he was 7 years old since his parents could not provide him enough support at home. When the state cuts the funding for his place, his parents move him to a private facility, but after a year, they cannot afford it anymore. Lou cashes out on his life insurance to pay a deposit for another facility but it takes some time for the bank to process it. When Louis is getting more agitated at home, Lou takes money from the church funds to be able to pay immediately, planning to repay the church when the money from his life insurance comes through. Louis gets medication but Alice does want him to be medicated for the rest of his life, which is why she urged Lou to take the money from the church. When reverend Eric Camden discovers all this, he offers to help them find a spot for Louis. With his contacts at the social services, they manage to find a facility for Louis that is close to home and affordable.


Louis is stated to be autistic within the episode.

Episode list[edit]

7th Heaven

  • season 2, episode 12: "Rush to Judgement"