Louis Murphy (The Last Right)

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Louis Murphy
Samuel Bottomley as Louis. He wears red headphones around his neck.
Portrayed by Samuel Bottomley
Appears in The Last Right
Debut episode 1: "The Hunting Party"
Year 2019

Louis Murphy is a character in the comedy-drama road-trip movie The Last Right.

Character creation

Chris Pike, an autism access specialist for the National Autistic Society and autistic person, was involved both with the script and with Samuel Bottomley's performance as an autistic character. Director Aoife Crehan had Bottomley as well as other cast members read some chapters from the book The Reason I Jump (written by a nonverbal autistic teenager).[1]


Louis is a young man with short brown hair. He almost always has a red pair of headphones with him.


Louis is stated to be autistic in the film.

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  • Drive Me to the End, another road-trip movie with an autistic main character, Sunny Raei


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