Luke Givens

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Luke Givens
Luke givens tablet.png
Portrayed byNik Sharp[1]
Appears inChicago Med
Debutseason 7, episode 10: "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished... in Chicago" (2022)

Luke Givens is a one-time character in the American hospital series Chicago Med.


Luke (Nik Sharp) hugging his dad (Brady Smith), who is lying in a hospital bed.
Luke and his dad

Luke's dad has end-stage polycystic kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible. Luke is being considered as a donor, but doctors Blake and Marcel squabble over whether it would be ethical to let Luke donate (though the ethics committee of the hospital has decided that it is okay, and Luke's dad has given permission as well). When trying to draw blood to run various tests, Luke becomes severely agitated, and doctor Marcel decides to look for another way to save Luke's dad (because if Luke can't handle a blood draw, he won't be able to handle surgery either). They try peritoneal dialysis, which fails, but at the last moment, a kidney becomes available.


Luke is described as a person with severe autism in the episode's description.[2] He rocks and rubs his hands together when stressed.

Episode list[edit]

Chicago Med

  • season 7, episode 10: "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished... in Chicago

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