Manfred Steiner (Martian Time-Slip)

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Manfred Steiner
Pen on paper illustration of Manfred Steiner: a young boy with light curly hair. He's holding his hands up and pointing. The background is geometric bursts of lights. The drawing style uses hatching to indicate shadows.
Manfred as illustrated by Virgil Finlay in the original serialization in Worlds of Tomorrow
Portrayed by
Appears in Martian Time-Slip
Year 1963

Manfred Steiner is a supporting character in the science-fiction novel Martian Time-Slip by Philip K. Dick.

Character creation

Martian Time-Slip was first in the Worlds of Tomorrow sci-fi magazine, in the 1963 August, October and December issues. It was published as a novel in 1964.


Set in 1994, Manfred Steiner is the 10-year-old son of Norbert and Silvia Steiner. He has 4 siblings. His parents hail from West Germany, but the family lives on the recently colonized Mars. Manfred is housed in Camp Ben-Gurion (or Camp B-G) in the Isreali settlement, an institution for "anomalous" children.

Due to his autism, Manfred has precognition and other time-related powers. Arnie Kott, a wretched businessman, wants to use Manfred's precognition powers to help his business, and tasks repairman Jack Bohlen with building a device to allow them to communicate with Manfred. The theory being that autistics perceive the world at an incredibly sped-up rate, and a device that records messages and plays them back at a slower speed would allow the autistic person to perceive the message as normal (this distorted time perception also accounts for the precognition).


Manfred is stated to be autistic in the novel.


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