Marc-André (By the Wind)

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Marc-André Casavant as Marc-André: an adult man with light skin tone. He is looking slightly upwards, towards something that's out of frame. He has brown hair. He has a pressed look on his face.
Portrayed by Marc-André Casavant
Appears in Au gré du vent (By the Wind)
Year 2016

Marc-André is a main character in the Canadian short film Au gré du vent (By the Wind)

Character creation

Part of the movie was financed with a small crowdfunding campaign on Ulule.[1]


Marc-André and his aging mother Margot live live a quiet life near a frozen lake in Northern Quebec.


Marc-André is described as "autistic" and "atteint d'autisme" (affected by autism) in the films official synopsis.[2][3]


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