Mark Shiffron (Postal)

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Mark Shiffron
Portrayed by
Appears in Postal
Debut chapter 1
Year 2015

Mark Shiffron is the main character of the American comic series Postal.

Character creation

The character of Mark is based on a person Matt Matthews knew in college who had Asperger's.[1]


In chapter 1, Mark states that he has Asperger's syndrome, a fact that gets mentioned several times thereafter as well.

A psych profile in the bonus materials of volume 1 states:

Early IQ tests fitted the SUBJECT with an IQ of under 70, and the kind of profile that an outdated report might refer to "childlike." SUBJECT presents a simplistic worldview and the mental developments of someone in Piagetian terms, in the Concrete Operational stage. A working diagnosis of ASD with only limited social impairment. As the SUBJECT has spent most of his life surrounded by social deviants, it is interesting to note that he presents little to no rebellious or destructive behavior. Given that both of his parents are also considerably disinhibited individuals, Mark's status serves as an interesting footnote in the classic Nature vs. Nurture debate.

However, a later report admits that this analysis is too much of an oversimplification, and that although Mark is "a textbook case of Asperger's syndrome", he is also "an heir to the bloody throne that Isaac and Laura have built", and that he could be dangerous.[2]


Aside from the main Postal series, he also appears in Postal: Mark and is briefly mentioned in Postal: Night Shift.


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