Martha Rooney (Dancing Trees)

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Martha Rooney
Portrayed by Katie Boland[1]
Appears in Dancing Trees
Year 2009

Martha Rooney is a main character in the drama movie Dancing Trees.


Martha enjoys looking at flowing water

Martha is an 18-year-old who lives an altogether peaceful life with her mother, Josephina. She's also close with her somewhat chaotic older cousin Nicole. One night, Josephina is brutally murdered with Martha being the only witness. She first gets send to her estranged father and then to a foster home. Nicole tries to get custody of her, but the police don't allow it. Eventually they let Martha live with her, on the condition that Nicole can get some kind of testimony from her to find the ones who murdered Josephine. Nicole being somewhat carefree and impulsive clashes with Martha's need for routine, as well as the fact that she misses her mom and the flashbacks from the night of the murder.

Meanwhile, the murderers, a couple of robbers, have figured out that Martha was a witness, and try to find her in order to eliminate her.


Martha is described as having "a form of autism" on the production company's website.[2] She often repeats sentences or fragments of sentences, and also uses echolalia. She also has trouble saying precisely what she means, so what she says ends up sounding sort of cryptic. This makes getting a testimony very difficult.

She likes visual stimulation; looking at flowing water and aquariums, or the moving shadows that trees cast on the wall (hence the title Dancing Trees).

She is also a savant, being able to rapidly read through books as well as mental math.


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