Matthew (The Chosen)

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Portrayed by Paras Patel
Appears in The Chosen
Debut season 1, episode 1: "I Have Called You By Name"
Year 2017

Matthew is a main character in the Christian historical drama series The Chosen.

Behind the scenes

The Chosen is based on the canonical gospels of the Bible. The goal was to create a bingeable multi-season series about the life of Jesus while maintaining as much historical and biblical context as possible. Matthew is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

The series' creator Dallas Jenkins has a daughter on the autism spectrum.[1] Based on what is presented in the gospels, he considers it not impossible that Matthew could have been autistic.[2][3] For example, he notes that Matthew's gospel is more detail-oriented than the other gospels.[4] Other characteristics cited as being compatible with Asperger's are Matthew's attention for numbers and facts, and him choosing a career that made him a social outcast (tax collector).[5]

Kaelyn Reese, a teenager with Asperger's, wrote to the producers about her connection with Matthew's character and how it brought her closer to God. She also plays the cello and put herself forward if they ever needed a cellist. Although they didn't strictly need one since composer Matt Nelson is a world-class cellist, they took her up on the offer and invited her to record a cello piece for a scene.[6]


The series is set in 1st century Galilee, before autism existed as a diagnostic category, so Matthew is never labelled as such within the series itself. However him being autistic is something that's been stated multiple times by both the actor and the producers.[7][8]


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