Max Horowitz (Mary and Max)

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Max Horowitz
Portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman
Appears in Mary and Max
Year 2009

Max Jerry Horowitz is a main character in the adult claymation film Mary and Max

Character creation

The opening credits state the film is based on a true story. It premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.[1]


His father left him and his mother when he was born. His mother committed suicide when he was 6 years old. Mary Daisy Dinkle starts writing him when he's 44, and they keep up correspondence over the next 20-ish years.


Max is 6 ft (1.82 m) tall and overweight. He is a Jewish atheist, but still wears a yarmulke to keep his head warm. He always wears the same tracksuit, which he has 8 copies of.


Max is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when he was institutionalised after having a severe anxiety attack caused by one of Mary's letters.


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