Michael (Watching the World Go By)

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Portrayed by Ross K. Foad
Appears in Watching the World Go By
Year 2020

Michael is the main character in the short film Watching the World Go By.

Character creation

The short film was made during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.[1]

[...] I made this film to highlight those with disabilities that are isolated, whether or not they are in lock down, or otherwise face difficulties, and may rely heavily on the NHS or charity for their care and/or any contact.
— Ross K. Foad (writer, director, actor)

Writer, director, and actor Ross K. Foad also has autism.[1]


Michael sits in his room and watches the same man walk by every day. They never talk but acknowledge each other's existence nonetheless and Michael is always very happy to see the man. Interspersed are radio broadcasts talking about the COVID-19 slowly getting worse (from the emergence of the novel virus over to trying to curb the spread so as to not overload the NHS). As one of the Queen's speeches plays from the radio, Michael grows agitated when the man doesn't show up.


Michael is described as a man with severe Autism in the video's description.[1]


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