Michael Gupta (Final Theory)

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Michael Gupta
Portrayed by
Appears in Final Theory series
Debut Final Theory
Year 2008

Michael Gupta is a supporting character in the Final Theory duology of novels by Mark Alpert.

Character creation

Author Mark Alpert is an editor for Scientific American and became fascinated with autism after editing a story about it for the magazine. He read Temple Grandin's books to prepare for writing scenes from Michael's point of view.[1]


Michael is the great-great-grandson of Albert Einstein—Einstein's mysterious daughter Lieserl is the mother of Hannah, who married Amil Gupta. Amil Gupta's daughter Elizabeth is Michael's mother.

Final Theory

17-year-old Michael is the key to Einstein's Einheitliche Feldtheorie—the unified field theory.

The Omega Theory

2 years later, Michael gets kidnapped by a religious cult who want to use his knowledge of the unified field theory to reset the universe.


When Michael is first introduced, David almost immediately notes that there might be "something wrong with the boy."[2] He is later stated to be autistic.[3] His voice is described as emotionless, having glassy eyes and a blank face.[4] He is a savant, being able to memorize large amounts of information, perform complex computations, and "run" programs in his head.

Book list

Michael appears in both parts of the Final Theory series

  • Final Theory (2008)
  • The Omega Theory, also known as The Armageddon Theory (2011)


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