Mickey Tussler (A Mile in His Shoes)

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Mickey Tussler
Portrayed by Luke Schroder
Appears in A Mile in His Shoes
Year 2011

Michael James "Mickey" Tussler is the main character in the Christian sports movie A Mile in His Shoes.

Character creation

A Mile in His Shoes is based on the novel The Legend of Mickey Tussler by Frank Nappi. Actor Luke Schroder researched Asperger syndrome and worked with an acting coach to prepare for the role.[1]


Mickey lives a sheltered life on a farm in Indiana when he gets recruited into a baseball team on happenstance; the team's coach Arthur Murphy had car troubles and while looking for a phone to call AAA, he saw Mickey pitching apples into a pail. Though his father protests, Murphy manages to convince him to let Mickey join the team. Most team members are fairly accepting of Mickey and his Asperger's, though the current pitcher Lefty starts to feel threatened by Mickey's growing success.


Mickey is stated to have Asperger syndrome in the movie.


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