Milo Kapitein (Elephants in My Head)

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Milo Kapitein
Portrayed by
Appears in Olifanten in mijn kop (Elephants in My Head)
Year 2011

Milo Kapitein is the main character in the middle grade novel Olifanten in mijn kop (Elephants in My Head) by Robin Raven.

Character creation

Author Robin Raven used to work in special education. He also watched documentaries and spoke with psychologists about the topic.[1] He noticed there was a number of books about autism for young adults, but very middle grade novels, so he opted to write a book for that age group. He also know a boy with Asperger's via the school of his children, whom he enlisted to check if his writing was accurate.[2]


Milo is stated to have Asperger's in the novel.


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