Minor mentions of autism

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Year Title Description
2005 Junebug A painting of an autistic artist named Zeppelin Crespo is auctioned at the beginning of the movie.[1]
2022 Our Blues Hye-ja (Park Ji-ah) has an autistic granddaughter. Said granddaughter does not appear on-screen and is only mentioned in passing.[2][3]


  1. Junebug 2 minutes in. "These were made during a very brief period between Crespo's incarcerations and when public health records first indicated a diagnosis of autism."
  2. Our Blues season 1, episode 14: 62 minutes. "나 손녀는 자폐" ("My granddaughter is autistic")
  3. http://www.heraldpop.com/view.php?ud=202206141444284210775_1