Molly McKay (Molly)

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Molly McKay
Portrayed by Elisabeth Shue
Appears in Molly
Debut episode 1: "The Hunting Party"
Year 1999

Molly McKay is a main character in the American drama movie Molly.


Molly McKay is an autistic woman who has lived in an institution since her parents died in a car accidents. Budget cuts force her to move into the care of her older brother Buck. Molly undergoes an experimental treatment that seemingly cures her of her autism. After a few months, Molly's brain rejects the treatment, and she goes back to being her original self.


The movie made less than US$20,000 on a budget of US$21 million, making it a box office flop.[1] It has received largely negative reviews from critics, and mixed reviews from audiences.[2][3]


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