Molly McKay (Molly)

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Molly McKay
Portrayed by Elisabeth Shue
Appears in Molly
Year 1999

Molly McKay is a main character in the American drama movie Molly.

Character creation

To prepare for the role, actress Elisabeth Shue studied autistic people. She also went out in public in-character, to understand how other people would react to someone like Molly.[1]


Molly McKay is an autistic woman who has lived in an institution since her parents died in a car accidents. Budget cuts force her to move into the care of her older brother Buck. Molly undergoes an experimental treatment that seemingly cures her of her autism. After a few months, Molly's brain rejects the treatment, and she goes back to being her original self.


Molly's doctor says her exact condition is unclear, his exact words being "The way she relates to certain people, even on an emotional level, suggests mental retardation. In other respects, she's autistic." Actress Elisabeth Shue does state plainly that Molly is autistic.[1]


The movie made less than US$20,000 on a budget of US$21 million, making it a box office flop.[2] It has received largely negative reviews from critics, and mixed reviews from audiences.[3][4]


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