Morgan (In the Absence of Light)

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Portrayed by
Appears in Morgan & Grant series
Debut In the Absence of Light
Year 2015

Morgan is a main character in the Morgan & Grant series of contemporary romance novels by Adrienne Wilder..

Character creation

Author Adrienne Wilder is autistic himself.[1]


Morgan is stated to be autistic in the book's blurb[2] and by the author.[3]

Book list

The Morgan & Grant series:

  • In the Absence of Light (2015)
  • By the Light of Dawn (2020)


  1. @Adrienne_Wilder (2020-11-26). Adrienne Wilder on Twitter. Publisher. Retrieved on 2023-05-26. “I’m autistic. Lots of flower/summer breeze/ etc type smells drive me into a rage.”

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