Myles Anthony Trudeau (Station 19)

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Myles Anthony Trudeau
Portrayed by Havon Baraka[1]
Appears in Station 19
Debut season 5, episode 4: "100% or Nothing"
Year 2021

Myles Anthony Trudeau is a one-time character in the American action-drama series Station 19, which is part of the Grey's Anatomy universe.

Character creation

Actor Havon Baraka is autistic.[2]


Myles is taking the bus but accidentally falls asleep. When the bus arrives at the last stop, the bus driver tries to wake him, but Myles lashes out. He becomes agitated due to the touching and the disruption of the routine, and cuts his hand on the back of a seat. The driver calls the police, who send a crisis team. Lieutenant Jack Gibson establishes what is going on, though Myles is still very agitated. Myles explains his routines and how they help to occupy his mind. Part of his routine is going to his friend Trevor's house on Thursday, so Jack suggests he clean up the cut on Myles' hand and just drive him there. Myles does not want to be touched, so Jack instead offers to explain how to bandage it so he can do it himself. When all is well and done, they walk to the team's car to drive to Trevor's place.


Myles himself states that he is autistic, and this is confirmed in the official episode synopsis as well[3]

He is very adherent to his routines since they help occupy his mind and give him something to look forward to. He works as a grocery bagger on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, goes to his friend Trevor's house on Thursday to eat enchiladas, and attends socialisation club on Wednesday.

He is very averse to touch and repeatedly yells 'don't touch me" when lieutenant Jack approaches him to try to solve the situation.

Episode list

Station 19

  • season 5, episode 4: "100% or Nothing"


  • He has won a store contest for being the best and fastest bagger.

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  • Virginia Dixon, an autistic doctor who is also from the Grey's Anatomy universe


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