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Mom says that everyone's brain is different, and different isn't always wrong. I like Johnny. I think that being NT is OK.
— The narrator about his friend Johnny
A young blond boy sits in the grass and looks dreamily at a dandelion puff.
Portrayed by
Appears in Why Johnny Doesn't Flap: NT is OK!
Year 2015

The unnamed narrator is a main character in the satirical picture book Why Johnny Doesn't Flap: NT is OK! by Craig and Gail Morton.

Character creation

Authors Craig and Gail Morton have an autistic son. Why Johnny Doesn't Flap is a satire on picture books about befriending an autistic person, which can come across as condescending in their explanations of how autistic children are different from neurotypical children. While writing the book, the authors realized that it also functioned as a genuine guide for autistic children to help understand neurotypical behavior.[1][2]


A young blond boy and his dog jump excitedly in the air. The boy wears a blue-white striped T-shirt, grey trousers, and white sneakers.
The narrator stimming

The narrator is a young boy, who introduces his neurotypical friend Johnny. Every page showcases the narrator talking about a bizarre neurotypical behavior, but reassures the audience that that's OK and he's still friends with Johnny. Some things he finds strange about Johnny is that he doesn't flap his hands when something exciting happens, doesn't have a topic he knows everything about, deviates from routines, and stares directly into your eyeballs when you talk to him. Despite all this, the narrator has gotten used to Johnny's quirks and is friends with him.


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