Nathan Laver (Scrubs)

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Nathan Laver
Portrayed by
Appears in Scrubs
Debut season 4, episode 18: "My Roommates"
Year 2005

Nathan Laver is a one-time character in the American medical sitcom Scrubs.


Nathan is the only son of Ron Laver, who is very competitive with doctor Perry Cox. Perry sets up a play-date with Nathan and his son, and while the boys play, the dads are constantly trying to one-up each other about their parenting skills, how good their kids are doing, etc. However, Perry notices that Nathan makes buildings with blocks that are far too color-coordinated and symmetrical for his age, and starts to suspect that Nathan might have autism. After convincing Ron to let him babysit Nathan he does some further observations and notes that Nathan doesn't respond to his name. He determines that Nathan is actually autistic and tries to tell Ron this, but Ron thinks Perry is just trying to make himself look like a better parent by insinuating there's something wrong with Nathan. When he realises this isn't the case, he accepts the diagnosis, and Perry refers him to another doctor.


Nathan is diagnosed as autistic by doctor Perry Cox. Aside from a propensity for building blocks, Perry also notes that Nathan doesn't make eye contact, speaks very little, and becomes agitated when someone tries to cuddle.

Episode list


  • season 4, episode 18: "My Roommates"

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