Nawaz Iqbal (Yaan)

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Nawaz Iqbal
Portrayed by Danush Bhaskar
Appears in Yaan
Year 2014

Nawaz Iqbal is a minor character in the Indian Tamil-language action movie Yaan.

Character creation

Yaan is heavily inspired by the 1978 American movie Midnight Express,[1] itself based Billy Hayes' 1977 memoir of the same name—though Midnight Express does not have the character of Iqbal.


Iqbal is a young man travelling to the strict Islamic country of Basilistan, a trip on which he is accompanied by Chandru, the main character of the movie. Upon arrival in Basilistan, they are arrested for carrying drugs in their luggage, an offense punishable by death. It turns out they've been set up by their travel agent. Iqbal is the first to be executed, but the sword breaks during his beheading, leading Chandru's execution to be postponed. Meanwhile, Chandru's love interest Sreela has travelled to Basilistan to try and get him out of prison. She starts campaigning against Chandru's conviction, emphasizing the heinousness of Iqbal's beheading and the fact that as an autistic person he was unfit to stand trial.


Iqbal is stated to be autistic in the movie.


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