Nick Young (White Frog)

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Nick Young
Portrayed by Booboo Stewart
Appears in White Frog
Debut episode 1: "The Hunting Party"
Year 2012

Nick Young is the main character in the drama film White Frog

Character creation

Booboo Stewart states that he watched video blogs by people with Asperger's on YouTube to prepare for the role.[1]


Nick Young is a 15-year-old living with his parents and older brother Chaz. When Chaz dies in a biking accident, he starts hanging out with Chaz' friends to play poker (Chaz' usual Friday night activity). He is very good because of his good memory and excellent poker face. At the same time, he tries to crack Chaz' computer password while also having to deal with his parents' expectations to be the perfect son that Chaz was. He visits a community center that Chaz used to volunteer at, which turns out to be an LGBT center. When he finds pictures of Chaz with Randy, one of the guys he plays poker with, he learns that Chaz was gay but hadn't had the opportunity to come out yet. This upsets Nick greatly because he was raised rather religious and thinks it is wrong. He confronts his parents with this fact, but they refuse to accept it. Nick runs away from home, and his parents try looking for him at the community center, which they promptly try to sue for being about to air a personal diary from Chaz during a show. In the meantime, Nick has managed to figure out Chaz' password, which references his love for Randy, and finds a coming-out video intended for him. Inspired by this video, he goes to the shelter and delivers a speech relating his own experience of having Asperger's to Chaz' experience of being gay; both being different from the norm, living in a world that doesn't seem to fit them and not being able to live up to their parents' expectations.


Nick is a 15-year-old of Chinese descent. He always wears a blue T-shirt, and has a closet full of them.


The character states that he has Asperger's, and this is also confirmed in an interview with the actor.[2]

Nick has a relatively flat affect and uses this to his advantage in playing poker. He hides under the table during his birthday party. Both his brother and his therapist work with him on bemod, short for behavioural modification.


  • Booboo Stewart's younger sister, Fivel Stewart, plays the role of Lizzie in the Netflix autism series Atypical.


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