Nina MacArthur (Dinosaur)

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Nina MacArthur
Ashley Storrie as Nina, a woman in her 30s with light skin and long, curly brown hair. She is wearing a blue flannel shirt over a dark T-shirt and a lanyard with the words "history museum".
Portrayed by Ashley Storrie
Appears in Dinosaur
Debut episode 1
Year 2024

Dr. Nina MacArthur is the main character in the Scottish comedy-drama series Dinosaur.

Character creation

Ashley Storrie, who plays Evia and co-created the series, is autistic. Storrie says she's been able to live more unmasked since playing Nina; the character of Nina is very unmasked and open about being autistic.[1]


Nina is a 30-something paleontologist. When her sister Evie gets engaged to a guy she's only known for 6 weeks and wants Nina to be her maid of honor, she is forced to grapple with the changes this introduces in her life.


Nina first says she's autistic in the trailer for the series.[2] It is mentioned across multiple episodes.[3] Masking is a major theme throughout the series.


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