Noah Hoynes (The Politician's Husband)

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Noah Hoynes
Portrayed by Oscar Kennedy[1]
Appears in The Politician's Husband
Debut episode 1
Year 2013

Noah Hoynes is a supporting character in the political drama mini-series The Politician's Husband.

Character creation

Writer Paula Milne researched Asperger's before writing. She also has a nephew with Asperger's.[2] David Tennent and Emily Watson, who play Noah's parents, met with parents of children with Asperger's.[3][4]


Noah is revealed to have Asperger's in episode 1. He has a special interest in airplanes and flight paths. His mother does not want any questions about him or Asperger's during interviews with the press. He becomes more withdrawn after the upheaval in his parents' careers.[5] He hides in a tent in his room when he's overwhelmed.[5][6]

His mother considers it a relief to be away at work and thus away from his routines and obsessions.[5]


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