Oh Jin-tae (Keys to the Heart)

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Oh Jin-tae
Portrayed by Park Jeong-min[1]
Appears in Keys to the Heart
Year 2018

Oh Jin-tae is a main character in the South Korean comedy-drama movie Keys to the Heart (κ·Έκ²ƒλ§Œμ΄ λ‚΄ 세상, tl. Only That is My World[2]).

Character creation

Actor Park Jeong-min consulted books and documentaries in preparation for the role.[3]


26-year-old Jin-tae's comfortable life with his mother is disturbed when his estranged older brother comes to live with them.


Jin-tae is stated to have level 2 autism. He has musical savant abilities.


Keys to the Heart received a Philippine remake by the same title in 2023.


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