Olivia Sanderson (Into the Drowning Deep)

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People don't say what they mean. They say things that live in the same neighborhood as what they mean, and then they look at me like I'm stupid because I don't pick it up instantly. I'm not stupid. I'm just not that specific kind of smart.
— Olivia[1]
Olivia Sanderson
Book cover for Into the Drowning Deep: a person floating in black water, blood trailing up behind them.
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Appears in Into the Drowning Deep
Year 2017

Olivia Nitsan Sanderson is a main character in the science-fiction/fantasy horror novel Into the Drowning Deep by Seanan McGuire under the pen name Mira Grant.

Character creation

Author Seanan McGuire is autistic, though she was diagnosed 3 years after Into the Drowning Deep came out, and did not identify as autistic at the time of writing the character of Olivia.[2][3]

The character is also partly based on the real-life Olivia Youngers, like the fact that she does Emma Frost cosplays.[4]


Olivia is a reporter for Imagine Network. She joins a scientific expedition that sets sail to the Mariana Trench to study the mermaids that attacked Imagine's mockumnetary crew 8 years earlier.


Olivia is stated to be autistic in the novel.

Book list

Into the Drowning Deep is the sequel to the novella Rolling in the Deep. Olivia does not appear in this novella, and it is not mandatory to read it before Into the Drowning Deep.


  • Olivia is also lesbian.[5] She enters a relationship with Tory.


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