Other lists of autistic characters

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This page gathers some other lists of autistic characters. Every one of these projects has their scope and selection criteria, and I figure that more information is never a bad thing to have!

Other lists of autistic characters
List Creator Number of entries Content Notes on content
Autism In Media TV Tropes 400+ Canon only. All kinds of media
List of autistic fictional characters Wikipedia 300+ Canon only. All kinds of media
Autism In The Media Autism 101 200+ Headcanon, canon, nonfiction. TV and movies.
BIG List of Books with Female Autistic Characters Starr Green 100+ Headcanon, canon, nonfiction. Female characters in books.
List of novels featuring a character with autism Matthew Bantick 200+ Mostly canon. Novels. Includes reviews and a meta-analysis.
A Novel Mind database Sally J. Pla, Merriam Saunders, Adriana White 200+ Canon. Picture books. Also includes over 1000 entries related to other neurodivergencies.
The Autism Books by Autistic Authors Project @Lilly_Jade_ 1,500+ Canon, nonfiction, and related works. Novels Includes reviews.
Autistic book list and Reviews index Ada Hoffmann 250+ Mostly canon. Speculative fiction novels. Includes reviews.