Owen Price (Conviction)

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Owen Price
Portrayed by C.J. Dubé [1]
Appears in Conviction
Debut season 1, episode 4: "Mother's Little Burden"
Year 2016

Owen Price is a one-time character in the American legal drama series Conviction.


Owen dies at age 12. His mother is convicted for his murder, but the case is re-investigated some years later. Initially it was presumed that Owen died of a sodium overdose after ingesting an entire bottle of soy sauce, presumably set out by his mother, but a private toxicology investigation finds that he actually died because of low blood sugar due to an insulin injection. Suspicion initially falls on his father, a pharmacist who thus had access to insulin. When his father is cleared, the home healthcare aide Eduardo is investigated. His sister went into diabetic shock the day after Owen died because her insulin kit was lost. Owen's then 11-year-old sister Emily regularly visited Eduardo's home to catch a break from her brother, and investigators realise that Emily killed Owen with an insulin injection. When all of this is uncovered, their mother says that she'll take the blame since Emily deserves to have a life.


Owen is described as "severely autistic" in the episode. He often hits his mother, which causes a lot of tension within the family. His mother runs a blog about parenting an autistic child titled "Mother's Little Burden".

Episode list


  • season 1, episode 4: "Mother's Little Burden"


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