Park Young-hoon (Split)

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Park Young-hoon (박영훈 역)
Portrayed by Lee David
Appears in 스플릿 (Suepeullit, Split)
Year 2016

Park Young-hoon (박영훈 역) is a main character in the South-Korean sports film 스플릿 (Suepeullit, Split).

Character creation

Writer and director Choi Kook-hee was inspired to write the script after seeing an autistic man bowling with an atypical technique and still getting extremely high scores.[1]


Young-hoon's father died when he was young, and his mother had an affair and left, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. When she died, she left a restaurant in his name. His mother and her new family moved back, and it is presumably at this point that he is sent to a hospital/institution to live.


He is stated to have intellectual disability and "shows signs of autism".


  • His birth date is 13 September 1991. He turns 27 during the film.


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