Randall Eberlin (Family Pictures)

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Randall Eberlin
Portrayed by Joshua Ragetlie (age 2)
Anthony Antonacci (age 6)
Jared Cook (age 8-9)
Jamie Harrold (adult)[1][2]
Appears in Family Pictures
Year 1993

Randall Eberlin is a character in the American TV mini series Family Pictures.

Character creation

The character and story are based on Sue Miller's 1990 novel Family Pictures


Randall was born in 1949, as the 3rd child of Lainey and David Eberlin. The story of the series is told from the perspective of Nina, the 4th of a total of 6 Eberlin siblings. In 1983, she goes to stay back with her mother after her marriage collapsed, and reminisces on the past of the family.

When the children were young, their parents' marriage was significantly strained; David wants Randall to attend an institution where he'll be able to get more help, while Lainey considers this to be giving up and instead wants to care for him at home.


Randall is diagnosed with autism during the movie.


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