Rebecca Blithely

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Rebecca Blithely
Appears inStrange Empire
Debutepisode 1: "The Hunting Party"

Rebecca Blithely is a main character in the Canadian Western series Strange Empire.


Early life[edit]

Rebecca's mother died during childbirth.[1] Her father sent her to a sanitarium, where she was found by doctor Thomas Blithely. He took Rebecca and in and raised her together with his wife Emily-Anne. Thomas trained her to be a doctor and as an experiment in female intelligence. She is shown off at scientific gatherings as the "woman of genius". When Emily dies, Thomas marries Rebecca (she was never officially adopted and is technically a ward of the state, it would be inappropriate for Thomas to live with a younger woman who was not his child or wife, and marrying her solves this problem).


Rebecca is forced to stay in Janestown after the wagon group she and Thomas were traveling with got attacked.


Rebecca is never explicitly stated to be autistic within the series itself, since autism had not been described yet in 1869, however she has been described by creator Laurie Finstad as "autistic, low on the autism spectrum."[2]


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External links[edit]

  • The Curiosities of Rebecca Blithely: online accompaniment to the series where Rebecca talks about an object related to each episode, giving more insight into her thoughts and backstory, life in Janestown and the events that transpire.