Riley Almanzor

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Riley Almanzor
Riley almanzor.jpg
Riley Almanzor concept art
Aliasesyour best ghoulfriend (intro line)
Portrayed byAlexis Bristowe
Appears inLess is Morgue
Debutseason 1, episode 1

Riley Almanzor is a main character in the horror-comedy podcast Less is Morgue


Riley is a 27-year-old[1] ghoul. Their parents are Teddy and Carmen. They live in Tallahassee, in their parents' basement, where they host the podcast with Evelyn.


Riley is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, as well as borderline and OCD.[1] They have trouble finding a job because these diagnoses are listed on their medical record, turning away potential employers.


  • Evelyn Hooper - Riley ate Evelyn's corpse, and has since then become stuck with Evelyn's ghost.[2]
  • Jon Wheeler (pizza man ghost) - Riley accidentally killed the pizza man after he spooked them while entering the room to deliver pizza. Although he was supposed to go to hell on piracy charges, Riley reluctantly agrees to adopt him and let him live in the bathroom.[2]
  • Brains Vincent - zombie and make-up guru who was a guest on the podcast, before Riley ate him.[3] Because they didn't eat his head and spinal column, his disembodied head now lives in the medicine cabinet.[4]


  • Riley is lactose intolerant.[5]


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