River Wyles (To the Moon)

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River Wyles
Portrayed by
Appears in To The Moon
Year 2011

River Elisabeth Wyles is a main character in drama game To the Moon.

Biography[note 1]

River grew up in the same town as John – the patient. After their initial meeting they meet again in school where Johnny decides to ask her out. Years later they start living together and River is diagnosed with autism.

When River and Johnny learn that the local lighthouse was closed Johnny suggest that they build a house overlooking the lighthouse. Later she was diagnosed with a late-stage terminal illness and refused treatment because the cost would prevent Johnny from finishing the house.


In her younger years, she wore a sleeveless blue dress and underneath it, a short sleeved white shirt. As a teenager and young adult, River had long, vibrant orange hair that ran down the majority of her back, green eyes, and fair skin. She would often wear an elegant blue dress with a long-sleeved, white shirt underneath. In her elderly years, her hair turned gray and became somewhat shorter.


Unlike her friend Isabelle, River wasn't diagnosed with autism until she was in her 20s. She never masked, although it's unknown whether that's because she refused to do so or wasn't aware how.

The exact wording the doctor who diagnosed her gives is "pervasive developmental disorder", and Isabelle states "[...] she and I share the syndrome [...]". The doctor also gives River and John a book by Tony Attwood, who mainly writes about Asperger's syndrome.

River is very logical and blunt. She's open about her feelings but at times she struggles to express it. When she wants help John remember the time they first met instead of expressing it verbally she makes an origami rabbit that's supposed to represent the moon they promised to meet on if they ever lost each other.

River is rarely seen without her platypus plush. Besides origami River also has a special interest in lighthouses to the point of befriending one and naming it Anya. She enjoys books for children for their calming effect.

River is irritated by the noise of clock ticking.

She's struggling with gross motor activities. She also seems to have a photographic memory.

In childhood River had her favorite secluded spot on the cliff that she visited every year at the time of the festival. She would visit this spot to stargaze. Later in life she would find her favorite spot to be the lighthouse named Anya. Not only is it where River and John would marry, it's also where they decided to build the house together so they could always be close to Anya.


  1. Because of the way the game presents the narrative we can only observe certain bits of history of the character all of which are tied to another character – John Wyles.

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