Roland Fuller (The X-Files)

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Roland Fuller
Portrayed by Zeljko Ivanek[1]
Appears in The X-Files
Debut season 1, episode 23: "Roland"
Year 1994

Roland Fuller is a one-time character in the science-fiction series The X-Files.


Roland Fuller was born Roland Grable on July 12, 1952. He is 4 minutes younger than his twin brother Arthur. Roland was sent to the Heritage Halfway House when he was 3 years old. Arthur went on to become an aerospace engineer working on jet propulsion technology. He eventually hired Roland to work as a janitor at the institute he worked for, though he kept their familial relationship hidden.

Arthur dies in a car accident in 1993, but his head is preserved using cryogenic freezing. Due to their twin connection and Arthur's altered stage of consciousness as a deep-frozen head, he is able to take control of Roland's body. Frank Nollette, a colleague, along with fellow scientists Surnow and Keats, are trying to complete Arthur's revolutionary but unfinished work and publish it as their own. Arthur kills Surnow and Keats using Roland's body—these murders are what attract the attention of FBI agents Mulder and Scully. While they're trying to figure out what's going on, Nollette tampers with the tank that Arthur's frozen head is stored in, causing it to slowly start thawing. He plans on killing Roland as well, framing it as self-defense. However Roland (still under Arthur's control) knocks him unconscious and puts him in the turbine chamber and turns on the jet engines. Mulder and Scully arrive right in time to talk Roland out of Arthur's control as the latter is slowly thawing and losing his psychic grip. Roland manages to turn off the jet engine right before Nollette would have been sucked in.


Roland is described as autistic within the series. While being controlled by his brother, he maintains his regular atypical posture and speech inflection. While he does not have the genius of his brother, he does have the narrow savant skill of being able to instantly county items; he instantly counts the 147 stars on Scully's blouse. He also has intellectual disability; his IQ is described as being under 70.

Mulder hypothesizes that during early embryonic development of the twins, Arthur's embryo rejected a damaged chromosome which was then absorbed by Roland's embryo. This may be the explanation for both the stark difference in intellectual abilities between the twins as well as their psychic bond.

Episode list

The X-Files

  • season 1, episode 23: "Roland"

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