Rosa Reyes (FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics)

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In fact, as I think you've figured out, I'm nothing like anyone you've ever met, or ever will meet.
— Rosa[1]
Rosa Reyes
Portrayed by
Appears in FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics
Debut issue #5
Year 2014

Rosa Reyes is a main character in the American comic book series FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics.


Rosa was born in the Mosquito Coast in Honduras during a thunderstorm.[2]

At age 24, she starts working for the headquarters of Federal Bureau of Physics,a government agency that deals with anomalies in the laws of physics (like local disturbances in gravity or time). Before that, she worked at their office in Albuquerque for 2 years.[2]

Her first mission with the series' main character Adam Hardy is investigating time dilation localized to a specific building.[2]


Writer Simon Oliver confirms that Rosa is on the spectrum in a Tweet.[3]

Upon meeting her for the first time, Adam notices her lack of small talk and refers to her as having "the social skills of someone who grew up on Mars". He suggests she might have Asperger's, though later he also refers to her as having borderline personality disorder.<ref name="issue6">

She orders the same at a restaurant every day: a tuna melt and a glass of lemonade with no ice. The waitresses call her an odd duck.<ref name="issue6">

Chapter list

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics

  • issue #5 (2014) - issue #24 (2015)


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